I've also thrown in some transcripts from other interviews I've had over recent years. Unfortunately these are all text copies, which is good if you are deaf. If you can't read then just use my old textbook trick and go to jail, learn there. This is the real reason I spent 23 years in the clink, a bit of a slow learner. Ha Ha.


- Interview with John Silvester regarding Alphonse Gangitano leaving Melbourne - Herald-Sun, August 5, 1991

- Interview on the Elle McFeast talk show - ABC television, March 18, 1998

- Comments in relation to my drink driving advertisement with the Pedestrian Council of Australia

- Federal Education Minister commenting on me as a"convicted murderer" - Australian Parliament, June 4, 2002

- Interview on Terry Willesee's "Across Australia" program - Sky News Channel, June 10, 2002


On August 5, 1991, John Silvester wrote a story in the Herald-Sun which spoke of Gangitano leaving the country in fear of Chopper.

'....One of the biggest names in the Melbourne underworld has fled Australia because he fears a contract has been taken out on his life.

The man, with a known history of violence, left Melbourne about two weeks ago vowing not to return for at least two years.

He has taken his de facto wife, child and another relative to Italy.

Underworld sources said yesterday he believed two men had decided to take up the contract to kill him.

The criminal, heavily involved in extortion, illegal gambling and corruption, is known to have taken extra precautions before fleeing. He has kept close to a number of his associates who have acted as bodyguards for him.

Police said the man was considered to be one of the leading figures in a syndicate known as the "Carlton Crew". He has lived in a well-protected house in a Melbourne eastern suburb.

Several criminal groups have checked the house trying to find a way to breach the security. So far they have failed. At one stage, a group of criminals was considering using land mines to kill the gangster but gave up the plan because they feared killing innocent people.

Victorian and federal police as well as investigators for the National Crime Authority have taken an interest in the gangster's activities. But although he has been charged with a string of minor offences he has avoided being charged over big crimes.

The criminal has told friends he is concerned there may be an underworld war when standover man Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read is released from jail in the next few months.

Read has said he has nothing but contempt for the "Carlton Crew" and has referred to the gangster who has fled Australia as "The Plastic Godfather". But he has denied there will be violence when he is released from jail.

Police said they had heard the gangster had packed his bags and left Australia.

"He may be gone for two years, but I think he'll wait a few months until the heat is off and then slip back in," a senior policeman said. "He has an expensive lifestyle so he'll get back to his old tricks as soon as he can. "He'll be back - you can bet on it."

Gangitano returned to Australia as Chopper returned to jail. After a short time of freedom, Read was sent to Risdon Prison in Tasmania for shooting an associate in the stomach.

Chopper drunk on McFeast
Wednesday 18 March 1998
by Halliwell Hannah

The debut of McFeast Live (16/3) on the ABC got off to a controversial start when Elle McFeast's first guest appeared on the show drunk.

Mark "Chopper" Reed, an infamous criminal and author of about seven books on the Australian crime scene, appeared bleary eyed and spoke with a slur. The glare of television lights seemed to bother him as he struggled to answer McFeast's questions about toe-cutting and other sordid criminal activities.

Finally he admitted the obvious and slurred....

"You've had me stuck in your b$##@% Green Room drinking Melbourne Bitter. I've just done six cans. Then you bring me on as p%$$#@ as a parrot and ask me in-depth questions. I'm obviously drunk. I'm no use to anybody. It's not fair".

At one stage he took out his false teeth and announced with pride...

"These are the James Bond, the carte blanche, the rolls royce of false teeth and I'd like you to pay some form of b$##@% respect to these false teeth"

After oggling McFeast's cleavage and mumbling some incoherent answers, the Earless One was lead off to a corner of the set by the cheeky host, and left there to quietly booze on for the remainder of the show.

Chopper Drink-Drive Advertisement Wins Gold at Cannes

Sunday 24 June 2001

"Following the awarding of a Bronze Lion earlier in the week, in the Press-Poster section for a school-crossing road safety advertisement, Saatchi and Saatchi Australia won a Gold Lion in the Film section at ‘Cannes Lions 2001', for its brilliant and provocative drink-drive commercial featuring hit-man Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read. Both advertisements were produced on behalf of the Pedestrian Council of Australia,” said Mr Harold Scruby, Chairman of the PCA.

“The International Advertising Festival, Cannes Lions, is the largest rendezvous for marketing and advertising professionals from all over the world and features the most prestigious advertising awards. Around 9,000 delegates from the advertising and allied industries gather each year at this famous event to celebrate the crème de la crème of creativity in all major media. The Gold Lion award was won in a field of over 6,000 entries from all over the word.

“The advertisement features ‘Chopper' Read speaking directly to camera at his kitchen table. He undoes his shirt, pointing to different areas on his body where he has been assaulted in prison and says: ‘When I was in prison…I got slashed in the face…my ears cut off… a butcher's knife here, an ice-pick here, etc., etc … If you drink and drive and you're unfortunate enough to hit somebody, you ought to pray to God that you don't go to prison.'

All parties donated their time and services, without payment, as part of their commitment to reducing the Australian road toll.

On June 4, 2002, the Federal Education Minister was rebuked by Read after he wrongly called Read a "convicted murderer."

Read was on the end of a verbal assault in Parliament, during which Dr Nelson attacked a decision in Queensland to recommend Read's latest book, "Hooky the cripple", for Queensland schools.

Read told the Herald Sun he was not a convicted murderer.

"I was acquitted of the only murder charge I was arrested on." The six year sentence he served prior to his 1998 release was for malicious wounding. The victim lived.

Of Dr Nelson's description of him as a "self-confessed murderer, criminal, assailant, arsonist, torturer", Read said: "Well, he's got that right. It does not mean its the truth. It just means I've said I've done these things."

Dr Nelson's spokesman said the minister was "sorry for misrepresenting the crimes of Read".

On June 10, 2002, Read appeared on Terry Willesee's "Across Australia" program on Sky News Channel.

Read fielded several questions about his new book, (Hooky the Cripple) and was truly at ease in front of the cameras.

Callers were very 'matey' indeed with one calling him a "modern day Ned Kelly," adding that we should rejoice that we can read about him now and not in 200 years." Big statement but I don't believe Read's name has been connected to cop killing as was national hero, Ned Kelly. At the end of the interview, Read was asked whether or not he was surprised at the support he received from all but one caller.

His answer was quite pertinent to this day and age.

Read said that "Australian's used to be like a flock of sheep that followed the first goat over but have become very, very sceptical."

"Sceptical about people who tell them what they should believe and should think and who they should hate and who they should like," Chopper continued.

"And when you hear someone on a current affairs show slagging the guts out of some poor character, the general public sit back and make up their own minds."

"The last twenty years, Australians have seen far too many perversions from our politicians, our Governor's General, the clergy, the Police Force...they've seen these people really debase themselves in the vomit of corruption."

"And then they hear the media slagging off me and they say, "why should I listen to said the 'bishop' was a good bloke you know...The people make up their own mind and won't be told what to think."

Take a look at it, corrupt cops, corrupt and lying government's and governor's generals, paedophile priests....all over the world....who can you trust?

For now......Via Con Dios, Amigos.