"Neville Bartos"

My mate Neville Bartos aka Neville the Albanian. This man has been brought to fame through the movie, but he is already well known throughout Australia to some.

I have known Neville for about 17 years now and I owe my life to him back in the mid 80's. He owned two pubs in Melbourne, which for me were like maximum security safehouses. In them I was safe and others couldn't touch me. As I noted on my homepage, he is the reason why I am still alive today.

This is a photo of Nev and I on stage doing one of our shows. He is pointing to his shin, showing the people where I allegedly shot him. Or is the truth really, he has a few marks on his shin from a few kicks to others that he has surgically performed over the years.

I will leave it to you educated people to work out the truth, but just remember, I see Neville as "The Man". Furthermore, I have included a photo of Neville and the former World Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion, Stan "The Man" Longinidies, who was effectively trained by Neville, and to put it lightly looks a long way up to Neville.

I should give you a bit of background on Neville. He is an Australian/Albanian, he would have been a World Boxing Champion had he not had a mishap when he was younger. I drove him to jail after I shot him one night - as shown in the movie, or is the truth really that he was with me when someone was allegedly shot and allegedly driven to the Hospital????

Anyway this photo shows Nev just kicking back next to the movie cut out. Even though Neville is smaller, if he kicks this cut out, there is a fair chance I'd still feel it.

I won't go into too much detail about Neville other than what I have already said. He is on his way up in the celebrity world and during our shows he will share his life stories with you.